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If you wish to donate another way, we always have a list of items we are in need of.
• Extendable tree loppers (for cutting leaves for possums)
• Intensive Care Unit or Humiditicrib (Vetario/Brinsea)
• Aviaries & cages
• Fabric, Blankets, Towels & pouches
• Nest boxes
• Heat pads
• Plastic rio baskets
• Ceramic bowls & D-cup bowls
• Glass bottles & specialised teats for feeding (contact for details)

• Portacots & playpens

Food items & consumables:
• Specialised marsupial formula (contact for details)
• Wombaroo insectivore mix
• Wombaroo honeyeater mix
• Fresh fruit and vegetables
• Native flower and leaf cuttings (Eucalypus, bottle brush, paper bark, grevillea, wattle etc)
• Soft grasses, Native grasses or bamboo
• Mitavite Economix pellets or kangaroo pellets
• Rolled oats
• Wheatbix
• Bales of Grass hay, Straw or Lucerine

• Laundry detergent (for washing pouches and blankets)

• Latex gloves

• F10 Veterinary disinfectant
• Hospital or gel disinfectants

• Syringes and medical supplies

Sponsor an animal:
By sponsoring an animal, you are helping us to provide housing, food, medical expenses and much more for the animals in care.
We have two types of sponsorships available, a one-off donation which will help us provide the basics for the animals, or an on-going monthly donation (until the sponsor animal is released).
By becoming a sponsor you will receive the chance to name the animal, a certificate of sponsorship, on-going updates of the animals progress in care, and a notification of the animals release.
CLICK HERE to sponsor one of our animals in care.

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