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how to help an animal

Have you found an injured or orphaned animal in need of help and unable to reach a rescuer?
You may be able to help!
Here are some handy items that you may be able to store in your car if you come across an animal in need  of help.
• A basket or box (to contain the animal)
• A blanket
• Disposable gloves
• Thick garden gloves
• Scissors
• An instant heat pad
• Hand sanitiser
• Hi-visibility vest
• Torch

When attempting to help an animal in distress please take caution approaching & handling, consider your own safety, as fear and pain can induce defensive behaviours, which may cause you harm but also cause further injuring to the animal.
The most important thing to consider is to minimalise the animals stress. You can do this by reducing the animals vision by covering its head, or wrapping in a blanket, reduce noise as much as possible, keep warm and please do not attempt to feed or give the animal water.
If you find a young joey in deceased mums pouch still attached to the teat, please call an experienced rescuer to guide you on the correct way to remove they joey as removing them incorrectly can injure the joeys mouth. Wrap in a blanket, keep warm & quiet, and transport to an experienced carer as soon as possible.

If you are concerned for the welfare of an animal but are not sure, please call your local wildlife rescue group.

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