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If you wish to donate another way, we always have a list of items we are in need of.
• Extendable tree loppers (for cutting leaves for possums)
• Intensive Care Unit or Humiditicrib (Vetario/Brinsea)
• Aviaries & cages
• Fabric, Blankets, Towels & pouches
• Nest boxes
• Heat pads
• Plastic rio baskets
• Ceramic bowls & D-cup bowls
• Glass bottles & specialised teats for feeding (contact for details)

• Portacots & playpens

Food items & consumables:
• Specialised marsupial formula (contact for details)
• Wombaroo insectivore mix
• Wombaroo honeyeater mix
• Fresh fruit and vegetables
• Native flower and leaf cuttings (Eucalypus, bottle brush, paper bark, grevillea, wattle etc)
• Soft grasses, Native grasses or bamboo
• Mitavite Economix pellets or kangaroo pellets
• Rolled oats
• Wheatbix
• Bales of Grass hay, Straw or Lucerine

• Laundry detergent (for washing pouches and blankets)

• Latex gloves

• F10 Veterinary disinfectant
• Hospital or gel disinfectants

• Syringes and medical supplies

Sponsor an animal:
By sponsoring an animal, you are helping us to provide housing, food, medical expenses and much more for the animals in care.
We have two types of sponsorships available, a one-off donation which will help us provide the basics for the animals, or an on-going monthly donation (until the sponsor animal is released).
By becoming a sponsor you will receive the chance to name the animal, a certificate of sponsorship, on-going updates of the animals progress in care, and a notification of the animals release.
CLICK HERE to sponsor one of our animals in care.

Make a Donation

Wild Paws Wildlife Shelter is a volunteer run not-for-profit organisation that doesn't receive any government funding, so we rely soley on whatever money we have in our pockets and any kind donations.
Our shelter operates 24/7 & looking after the animals can be financially quite expensive so your donation is greatly appreciated and helps us continue our work as it helps us provide special milk formula, large amounts of food, medication and medical supplies, bedding and enclosures, heat pads, rescue equipment, feeding supplies such as bottles & teats, fuel for rescues and much more.
Alternatively you can Sponsor one of our animals or check out our Wish list.

                                    Thank You

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