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What We Do

Every day we have a routine to care for and rehabilitate the wildlife that comes to Wild Paws.
A lot of the animals that come through our door are orphans that have lost their mums for a number of different reasons such as being hit by vehicles, shot, attacked by animals such as cats & dogs, and many more, this leaves babies unable to survive without appropriate care.

We feed our babies specialised marsupial formula and supplement foods depending on the species, and age of the joey, how much and how often they get fed.

Young marsupials, especially those that are unfurred, are unable to regulate their body temperature, so we keep them warm on heat pads, Intensive Care Units (ICU), special pouches and bedding to keep them warm and comfortable as they would be in their mothers pouch.

We supply animals with enrichment, different for every species depending on their natural habitat and behaviours (climbing, digging, jumping, hiding) for their mental health and wellbeing but also to enhance their skills to prepare them for the wild once they are ready to be released.

We spend a lot of our days cleaning enclosures, washing pouches & bedding, collecting natural foods such as grass and native leaf, bottle feeding, food preparation, cleaning wounds and tending to sick or injured animals.

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